Lightning Network Integrations.

The BlockSpaces platform enables businesses to integrate the Lightning Network for Bitcoin invoicing & payments through a unique non-custodial lightning toolkit.

✅ 100s of business app integrations
✅ Dedicated Lightning infrastructure
✅ Self-custodial (Customer controls keys)
✅ Automated channel & liquidity mgmt
✅ API support
✅ No code solutions

Get started today with our native Quickbooks integration, or join the waitlist for our next integration!

Lightning Network payment rails with multiweb

Payments at the speed of Lightning.

The Lightning Network is a global, open-source project that reduces transaction costs and settlement times for Bitcoin.

While some Lightning Network solutions require you to manage Lightning nodes and perform financial wizardry to keep things working, BlockSpaces handles all that for you.

Our team of Lightning Network Specialists are there to make sure that your Lightning nodes are always working behind the scenes, without a hitch.

  • 1% Transaction Fees

    For most transactions, Lightning is much less expensive than dealing directly with Bitcoin.

  • Automated Liquidity Management

    The BlockSpaces Liquidity Management System ensures payments always go through.

  • Instant Settlement

    Get paid instantly. No more waiting for the Bitcoin blockchain to validate.

  • Managed Lightning Nodes

    No dealing with code or maintaining Lightning Network infrastructure.

  • No Chargebacks

    Once a payment goes through, there's no risk of that transaction being reversed.

Bitcoin Invoicing & Payments for Quickbooks

Are you a business that uses Quickbooks? Our native Quickbooks integration is available now!

Get started with Quickbooks invoicing and payments today, or join the waitlist for upcoming integrations.

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Transaction analytics for Lightning Network

Lightning Connect

Scale your Lightning Network infrastructure smoothly and effortlessly with, Lightning Connect, our expert non-custodial node and API management system.

Easy setup, backups, networking, and upgrades so you don't have to worry about a thing.

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