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Blockchain integration. Simplified.

The BlockSpaces Platform connects business applications to blockchain networks through managed infrastructure and configurable drag and drop workflows with clicks-or-code.

Pre-built Connectors & APIs

Connect Web2 applications and Web3 protocols with little to no code.

Managed Web3 Infrastructure

Access RPC and dedicated blockchain nodes for over 50 blockchain protocols.

Performance & Analytics

Monitor relay traffic across our geographically distributed node infrastructure.

Web3 network

Connect blockchains
with BlockSpaces

Connecting business to blockchains

Pre-built integrations and multi-blockchain connections delivered seamlessly code-free, coming soon.

Building blockchains for business

Fully managed blockchain node infrastructure complete with performance analytics and insights.


Bitcoin Invoicing & Payments

Eliminate manual reconciliation and experience lower transaction fees with the only native Bitcoin integration for QuickBooks.

A new era of blockchain integration

As groundbreaking as the internet, blockchain is a transformational change in business process management. Our vision is a more collaborative, instantaneous, information sharing world where every entity up and down the business value chain transacts with each other in an immutable, trusted manner.

With BlockSpaces Connect, we take the mystery out of blockchain integration and simplify data connections between disparate systems.  Delivered with a code-free interface without requiring significant technical expertise, Connect is built for the specific challenges of blockchain integration.

Interested in being a part of the future of blockchain integration? We are now accepting reservations for our early access Pilot Program.  Register today!

New Era GIF
Network Graphic

A network of participants

As blockchain technology becomes more pervasive across industries, day-to-day business systems and processes across the network will need to communicate and integrate with multiple blockchain networks, platforms and technologies. Every participant in the business ecosystem needs to be able to collaborate and share transactions in order to deliver on the promise of blockchain.

  • Trust
  • Immutability
  • Fraud Reduction
  • Streamlined, safe, efficient payments
  • Transparency
  • Increased Security
  • Reduced Operational Costs
  • Freedom from legacy processes and paperwork