Revolutionize payments with a click.

Easily integrate lightning-fast Bitcoin payments to your existing ERP, no matter the size or complexity of your business.

Effortlessly simple; always non-custodial.

Multiweb integration platform

Superior Digital Payment Rails

Enable low-cost, instant, and final transactions via the Lighting Network.

Automated Liquidity Management

The Liquidity Management System ensures payments always process with no chargebacks.

Managed Lightning Nodes

No dealing with code or maintaining Lightning Network infrastructure..


Connect Technology Stacks.

Integrating the Lightning Network into traditional ERP systems can be a daunting task. We understand the complexity of merging these two disparate technology stacks.

With BlockSpaces, we offer a solution to facilitate seamless integrations between your traditional business software and Bitcoin payments via the Lightning Network. Simple, scalable and accessible for businesses of any size.

Bridge the gap between the Lightning Network and your existing ERP systems.


Lightning Fast Payments

Payments are the cornerstone of business. But traditional payment rails are not built for a digital world in transition from centralized and tribal, to decentralized and global.
Our no-code Bitcoin Lightning Network integrations are designed for business users and eliminate manual reconciliation and experience the lowest transaction fees worldwide.

Now offering our first integration with Quickbooks. No developer required.