Third Party Harassment Policy

This policy applies to everyone outside our company including vendors, investors, customers, contractors, shareholders, and any other people we are connected to or do business with.

BlockSpaces has a no-tolerance harassment policy and is committed to maintaining a respectful, courteous work environment in all work-related settings that respect the dignity and worth of each of our employees. Inappropriate behavior and unlawful harassment are wholly inconsistent with this commitment. No customer, vendor, or other person who does business with our organization is exempt from the prohibitions within this policy.

Employees are encouraged to immediately report third-party harassment, which is any kind of behavior that humiliates, victimizes, or threatens a person. Innuendos, veiled threats, and inappropriate or offensive jokes are all included in our definition. Harassment can happen in person, over the phone, via social media, or e-mail. Anyone who objectifies, threatens, or ridicules our employees is a harasser.

Upon the first reported incident, any customer, vendor, or other person who violates this policy will be subject to immediate disciplinary action. This may include:

  • Terminating BlockSpaces business relationship with the harasser.
  • Confronting the harasser’s boss, supervisor, company, or partners about the behavior.
  • Preventing the harasser from having contact with the employee.

We take our duty to protect our employees from inappropriate behavior very seriously and will take whatever measures necessary to effectively shield our employees from further harm.

Rosa Shores, CEO