Streamline Bitcoin collateral management. Revolutionize your QuickBooks environment.

We understand that QuickBooks is at the heart of your financial operations. That's why we've meticulously designed an integration that seamlessly merges our Bitcoin products with QuickBooks, empowering you with an all-in-one solution that optimizes your financial workflows.

Now available for Bitcoin Invoicing & Payments.

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Efficiency and Automation

Say goodbye to manual data entry. Our QuickBooks integration automates the entire process, saving you time and effort.

Work Directly in QuickBooks

QuickBooks becomes more than just an accounting tool; it transforms into a gateway for borderless and secure global transactions.

End-to-End Autonomy

Leverage your existing QuickBooks environment to embrace the Bitcoin era of instant settlement and autonomous finance.

  • Enhanced Accuracy

    Ensure transaction data is accurately captured and reconciled inside QuickBooks, providing a clear audit trail and reducing the risk of errors and disputes.

  • Global reach

    Transcend borders and enable international trade through your QuickBooks interface with auto-updated exchange rates.

  • Optimized Cash Flow

    Businesses can better manage their cash flow with immediate settlement, enabling more accurate budgeting and financial planning.

  • Affordable Innovation

    Embracing innovation doesn't have to break the bank. Our QuickBooks integration makes the power of Bitcoin accessible and valuable for businesses of all sizes.

  • Long Term, Transparent Record Keeping

    Transform QuickBooks into a permanent and transparent record of your financial activities, ensuring compliance and auditability.

  • On and off chain transaction capabilities

    Flexibility to choose the transaction method that best suits your unique needs all from inside your QuickBooks interface.

  • Seamless Workflow

    Integrate into QuickBooks with ease and embrace the benefits of Bitcoin without altering your established processes.

  • Self-custodial, immutable security

    We take privacy and self-custody seriously. Your bitcoin assets as well as data about your customers is only accessible to you.

Bitcoin Invoicing & Payments for QuickBooks Pricing





Dedicated LND Node
Dedicated LND Node
Dedicated LND Node
Dedicated LND Node
Up to $50/mth Txn Volume Allotment
Up to $5000/mth Txn Volume Allotment
Up to $10,000/mth Txn Volume Allotment
More than $10,000/mth Txn Volume Allotment
$20/mth Max Single Txn Size
$1,000/mth Max Single Txn Size
$5,000/mth Max Single Txn Size
$10,000/mth Max Single Txn Size
<10 seconds Txn Settlement Time
<10 seconds Txn Settlement Time
<10 seconds Txn Settlement Time
<10 seconds Txn Settlement Time
Discord + Email
Discord + Email
Discord + Email+ Live Chat
Discord + Email+ Live Chat
1.2% transaction fee
1.2% transaction fee
1.0% transaction fee
.8% transaction fee

Empowering corporate treasury and risk managers to collateralize Bitcoin more efficiently.

Auto-Reconciled Collateral (ARC) is a Bitcoin collateral optimization platform that features an auto-reconciling, programmatically enforced collateral utilization solution to manage counterparty risk.

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