Streamline Bitcoin Payments with our No Code Integration forQuickBooks.

If your business receives or sends payments in Bitcoin, you no longer have to manually enter transaction data into QuickBooks, or use a stand alone solution.

Our native QuickBooks integration not only handles Bitcoin invoicing and reconciles transaction data automatically, it's the only non-custodial solution like it.

The best part? No developer needed.

BlockSpaces Lightning Connect Dashboard
Error-proof accounting

Save hours of manual data entry every month and avoid mistakes.

Work directly in QuickBooks

No more switching between multiple apps just to use Bitcoin.

Powered by Lightning

Instant settlement and the lowest fees for both on and off chain transactions.

How Our Bitcoin integrationfor QuickBooks Works

Does your business send and receive payments in Bitcoin – or would you like to get started? BlockSpaces is designed for accountants and financial professionals who want a Bitcoin invoicing platform that just works, without technical know-how or a complicated setup process.

Check out this video to see how easy it is to start accepting payments in BTC.

Start for free

Create and send Lightning invoices directly from Quickbooks.

Click the video to see how it works.

Start for free
  • Issue invoices directly in QuickBooks

    Avoid the hassle of manually creating bitcoin invoices from other applications.

  • Auto-updating exchange rate

    Receive the full amount your business is due, regardless of when customers pay.

  • Immediate settlement

    Get paid instantly. Because there aren't chargebacks, you can wave goodbye to bad debt expenses.

  • Non-custodial

    Your bitcoin is always under your control, never ours or anyone else’s.

  • Error-proof accounting

    Eliminate tedious work and the errors that come from manual data entry.

  • Transaction fees as low as 1%

    Cheaper than credit cards or traditional Bitcoin payments on chain.

  • Rock solid payment rails

    Never worry about funds being routed to the wrong recipient or lost bitcoin.

  • Private and secure

    We take privacy seriously. Data about your customers is only accessible to you.

Need to integrate Bitcoin with a different business system?
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Starting at
  • Dedicated LND Node
  • Lightning + Quickbooks
  • Up to $5,000/month Tx Volume Allotment
  • Email, -24hrs Response
  • 1.2% Tx Fee


Starting at
  • Dedicated LND Node
  • Lightning + Quickbooks
  • More than $10,000/month Tx Volume Allotment
  • Email, -24hrs Response
  • 0.8% Tx Fee

Frequently Asked Questions

My current Bitcoin wallet doesn’t charge fees. Wouldn’t that be cheaper?

Many Bitcoin wallet providers provide a less-than-favorable exchange rate between Bitcoin and USD. You may not pay fees directly, but you may receive less Bitcoin than the current exchange rate would dictate. This hidden fee can be substantial and is difficult to predict. With BlockSpaces, all our fees our transparent – and usually less expensive.

How are transactions settled instantly?

BlockSpaces is powered by the Lightning Network, a protocol that works on top of the main Bitcoin blockchain. Making a transaction directly in bitcoin is like a wire transfer – it works, but it’s expensive and will take a while to settle. Transacting on Lighting Network is like paying in cash – settlement is instant and it costs next to nothing.

What happens if the price of Bitcoin changes before my customer pays an invoice?

Invoices issued through BlockSpaces contain a dynamic QR code that automatically updates to reflect the current price of Bitcoin. You’ll always receive the full USD equivalent for your invoice.

How do my customers pay bitcoin invoices I issue through QuickBooks?

Your customers can pay invoices in pretty much the same way they do today: by scanning a QR code with their bitcoin wallet app. They just need a wallet that supports the Lightning Network, like CashApp, Muun, BlueWallet, Breez, or dozens of others.

What happens if a transaction fails? Can my bitcoin get lost?

Your bitcoin cannot get lost. Like any electronic transaction, a payment can fail due to an internet outage or any number of other reasons. But if a transaction does fail, the bitcoin simply stays put in the wallet of the sender, and no bitcoin is lost.

I’ve heard that using the Lightning Network can be difficult because of liquidity. How does BlockSpaces handle this?

BlockSpaces has built a proprietary liquidity management system that automatically provides the right amount of inbound and outbound liquidity for your business. Other Lightning-enabled solutions require manual liquidity management, but not with BlockSpaces.

Does BlockSpaces take custody of my bitcoin?

No. BlockSpaces is a non-custodial solution, which means that you and only you are in control of your coins.

How do I get started?

For access to our native QuickBooks integration, all you need is access to QuickBooks and a Bitcoin wallet. You can sign up here to get started. Our, but if you'd like our team to help you through the process, please request a demo instead.