About BlockSpaces

We have three fundamental beliefs about the future...

Blockchain is the foundational technology of a new era and will change how we transact data.
The future will be "multi-web" with connected networks across all industries.
The Lightning Network will establish Bitcoin as the global standard for payments in this era.

The BlockSpaces Story

It all started back in 2014 when a group of like-minded individuals came together in Tampa, Florida.

‍Our passion for decentralization and the power of blockchain technology had brought us together and we were determined to make a difference in the world.

In the beginning, we were just a simple bitcoin meetup group, meeting once a week to discuss the latest developments in the blockchain world.

But as time went on, we realized that there was a real opportunity to turn our passion into a business.

So, in 2017, we officially launched BlockSpaces and set out to bring the power of Web 3 and blockchain technology to the masses.

We knew that this technology had the potential to revolutionize industries from finance to healthcare, and we were determined to be at the forefront of this movement.

As we began to build our business, we quickly identified a problem in the market.

Many companies were struggling to integrate Web 2.0 and Web3 technologies effectively, and we saw an opportunity to develop a software solution that could help them bridge the gap.

With our mission-driven approach and deep understanding of both Web 2.0 and Web3 , we set to work developing a software platform that would make it easy for companies to integrate these technologies into their existing systems.

Over the years, our team has helped numerous companies harness the power of Web3 and blockchain, and we have assembled a team of leaders in the space.

And while we have come a long way since our humble beginnings, our mission remains the same: to bring the power of decentralization to the world and make a positive impact on society.

Our Founders

Rosa Shores and Gabe Higgins bring innovative blockchain and bitcoin expertise. They lead a dedicated team who collectively bring decades of experience in enterprise software and infrastructure .

About Rosa Shores, Co-founder & CEO (click to expand)

With a background in e-commerce and a deep understanding of the potential of bitcoin, Rosa has been at the forefront of the blockchain industry since 2012.

In addition to her role at BlockSpaces, Rosa is actively involved in the promotion of business-friendly, industry-led legislation through her work as the former Vice President of the Florida Blockchain Business Association and the current Corporate and Community Engagement Committee Chair.

She is also a member of the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services’ Ag Innovation Work Group, and the Blockchain Task Force for the International Fresh Produce Association.

Rosa is recognized as a leading woman in the blockchain space, having been featured in Forbes as one of the top women driving innovation in the industry.

She is a mentor for the University of Arkansas’ Blockchain Center of Excellence, and a technology partner/advisor for the University of South Florida’s fintech and business programs and initiatives.

About Gabe Higgins, Co-founder & Chief Blockchain Officer (click to expand)

Gabe Higgins is a well-respected figure in the blockchain and emerging technology space, with a wealth of experience as an author, speaker, mentor, and co-founder of BlockSpaces.

As an early adopter of Bitcoin, he has been actively involved in the industry since 2012 and has spoken at numerous universities, government organizations (including the Secret Service and the Department of Homeland Security), and private corporations on the adoption of Bitcoin, digital assets, and blockchain technology.

In addition to his work with BlockSpaces, the industry’s first blockchain integration platform, Gabe has also been advising VC-backed startups since 2014 and is dedicated to mentoring innovative entrepreneurs. As the lead organizer for Tampa Bay Bitcoin, the longest-running and most active Bitcoin and blockchain meetup group in the world, Gabe is also heavily involved in community leadership.

Recently, Gabe co-authored the book “Thank God for Bitcoin: The Creation, Corruption, & Redemption of Money,” which makes a compelling case for why Bitcoin is sound money from a Biblical perspective.

Our Team Knows Blockchain Infrastructure

The BlockSpaces team has extensive experience in enterprise technology solutions and blockchain infrastructure, through careers at innovative companies such as...