Transforming Finance with Bitcoin.

BlockSpaces. ARC. Fusion.
We are a Bitcoin-native financial and collateral risk management platform that specializes in streamlining back-office operations. We serve Bitcoin companies, treasuries, lenders and OTC desks.

Our Mission is to empower businesses globally with native solutions to enhance their financial stability, inclusion, trust, and accessibility to the benefits of the Bitcoin standard.

We envision a world where all individuals and businesses have seamless access to financial solutions that transcend borders.
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Our company is built on a foundation of mutual respect, open communication, and shared values.


We are dedicated to leveraging Bitcoin to revolutionize the finance world. We adapt to the rapidly changing technological landscape and strive to be pioneers, continuously seeking new ways to optimize and enhance our products.


We believe in the power of decentralization to create a more secure and transparent financial ecosystem. We are committed to fostering trust with our clients by delivering secure, reliable, and non-custodial solutions.


We understand the importance of strong partnerships in achieving our mission. We work closely with our clients, partners, and investors to ensure that our solutions help them unlock the full potential of Bitcoin

BlockSpaces is proud to be backed by innovative partners, including:

The BlockSpaces Story


Founded in 2017

Founded in 2017 in Tampa, Florida, BlockSpaces was one of the world’s first dedicated physical spaces for bitcoiners and blockchain enthusiasts to work, learn, collaborate, and build. By 2018, the space became known as a hub of activity and knowledge for businesses who were seeking to integrate this rapidly emerging technology for enterprise use cases.  

Leveraging an extensive and growing network of savvy, passionate developers in both emerging tech and traditional enterprise systems, the company successfully guided numerous businesses in harnessing the transformative potential of decentralized, peer-to-peer frameworks with a wide range of notable projects and use cases.
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Integrating Lighting

By late 2019, BlockSpaces recognized the need for a low-code platform that would seamlessly integrate blockchain solutions into existing enterprise systems. This innovative approach aimed to avoid disrupting traditional workflows and costly development cycles while simplifying the management of complex node infrastructure required for blockchain technology. The company quickly realized that efficient payment processing was a significant challenge, particularly in dealing with Lightning Network transactions, a second layer for Bitcoin designed for scalability and security. To address this, BlockSpaces developed an internal application, called Fusion, that later became the world's first Lightning offering on the Quickbooks marketplace.

Responding to the Market

In 2022, the financial industry faced multiple high-profile collapses due primarily to inadequate collateral risk management, highlighting a critical industry-wide problem. Drawing from their experience with the Lightning protocol and Fusion data integration technology, the BlockSpaces team envisioned a Bitcoin-native solution to comprehensively mitigate this risk.

BlockSpaces today is a Bitcoin-native financial and collateral risk management platform, built to serve the needs of Bitcoin companies, treasuries, lenders, OTC desks, and institutions. The core ARC engine utilizes Lightning’s bi-lateral, P2P channels for real-time margin settlement, demonstrating reduction of counterparty risk by over 90%. BlockSpaces' Fusion product seamlessly captures real-time Bitcoin/Lightning transaction data, ensuring accurate tracking, reporting, and settlement within existing financial systems, for full-cycle contract and financial management. From 2017 to the present , the company continues to focus on addressing critical industry challenges and offering innovative solutions for businesses in the digital age.
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“We believe organizations like BlockSpaces that can facilitate a bridge between the “old world” and the new will have a huge impact on shaping the technology landscape over the next 5-10 years.”

Scott Barker
Venture Partner, GTM Fund

Our Team

The BlockSpaces Team brings together a unique, diverse mix of expertise' that combines the maturity of enterprise-grade technology with the innovation of emerging technology. We are a dedicated, passionate, thoughtful team that collectively brings many decades of proven experience in enterprise software and infrastructure, decentralized infrastructure, traditional finance, Bitcoin, and unique expertise of the Lightning Network.

We recognize the importance of community and are proud to support these initiatives

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