BlockSpaces 'LiFi' & Bitcoin halving

The Berenberg report delves into how BlockSpaces is leveraging the Bitcoin Lightning Network and "LiFi" technology to reinvent the dynamics of post-trade collateral management. Highlighting the potential impact of the upcoming Bitcoin halving, the report underscores how BlockSpaces' platform streamlines B2B transactions and efficiently manages Lightning nodes, setting the stage for innovative, low-cost, and near-instantaneous solutions to collateralization challenges.

Berenberg Capital Markets
July 10, 2023
BlockSpaces 'LiFi' & Bitcoin halving

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In this edition, the Berenberg Report explores how BlockSpaces' pioneering approach to integrating blockchain technology within traditional business operations. Through its unique blend of Bitcoin Lightning Network and LiFi, BlockSpaces is revolutionizing enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, including notable platforms like Intuit's QuickBooks. The innovative platform offers businesses an efficient method to execute near-instant B2B transactions at a minimal cost while simultaneously managing the intricacies of Lightning nodes. Crucially, BlockSpaces is poised to reshape the future of post-trade collateral management, particularly in the context of the upcoming Bitcoin halving, establishing a new standard in digital asset utilization.

In its unwavering commitment to expand the reach of the Lightning Network and its unique value proposition, BlockSpaces took a decisive step last month by introducing a new tier to its Lightning Connect integrations. This 'Starter' tier, offered entirely free of charge, demonstrates the company's initiative to attract a wider array of businesses to its platform. This is achieved through the provision of high-performance Lightning nodes, fundamental components that open bitcoin-funded payment channels with each other, forming the backbone of the Lightning Network's structure.