Seamless ERP Integrations for Data Capture.

We understand the significance of streamlined data capture in bolstering risk management and optimizing your financial workflows.

That's why we've designed our ERP integrations to seamlessly merge our Bitcoin products for an all-in-one collateral management solution. Eliminate the need for manual data entry and reconciliation and significantly reduce the risk of errors and delays.

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We provide transaction data capture to any existing ERP in our deep library.
Simply share with us which systems you're looking to integrate, and we'll be thrilled to assist. Let's innovate together!

Unlock the full potential of your
post-trade operations.

In today's fast-paced financial landscape, accurate and timely data capture is the key to staying ahead.

BlockSpaces' seamless ERP integration feature empowers institutions to unlock the full potential of their post-trade operations.

With real-time insights, optimized collateral allocation, and data-driven decision-making, our clients are equipped to navigate the complexities of modern markets with confidence.

  • Cost Savings

    Optimal collateral allocation reduces the need for over-collateralization, resulting in cost savings and improved capital efficiency.

  • Seamless Workflow

    Integrates seamlessly with existing ERP systems, minimizing disruptions and ensuring a smooth workflow transition.

  • Increased Operational Efficiency

    Automation streamlines data capture and analysis, reducing manual efforts and improving overall operational efficiency..

  • Compliance and Security

    Safeguard sensitive data and comply with industry accounting standards and regulations.

  • Improved Risk Management

    Instantaneous access to real-time data enables quick identification of potential threats, leading to enhanced risk mitigation.

Lightning Network payment rails with multiweb

Bitcoin Invoicing & Payments

From accepting Bitcoin as payment to paying vendor invoices, and even holding Bitcoin in treasury to collateralize assets, our platform transforms financial operations into a streamlined and efficient process.

With BlockSpaces' Bitcoin Invoicing and Payments, combined with our seamless ERP integrations, your business gains complete control over its financial destiny.

Empowering corporate treasury and risk managers to collateralize Bitcoin more efficiently.

Auto-Reconciled Collateral (ARC) is a Bitcoin collateral optimization platform that features an auto-reconciling, programmatically enforced collateral utilization solution to manage counterparty risk.

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