Here's When Embarc Collective Will Open — And The 25 Companies On Its Roster

While Embarc Collective is still far off from completion, the self-dubbed innovation hub has already begun working with dozens of technology

Lauren Coffey
April 24, 2019
Here's When Embarc Collective Will Open — And The 25 Companies On Its 

While Embarc Collective is still far off from completion, the self-dubbed innovation hub has already begun working with dozens of technology startups in the Tampa Bay area. The 32,000-square-foot facility being built in downtown Tampa had an original opening date of March, but it will now open at the end of the year, according to Embarc Collective sources. However, they moved forward with allowing technology companies to apply last November.

Now, Embarc Collective has chosen 25 companies to begin working with remotely while the space continues construction. The 25 companies bring 81 startup team members to the Embarc Collective portfolio.

"We've been sprinting all the way," Embarc Collective CEO Lakshmi Shenoy told the Tampa Bay Business Journal on Wednesday. "In addition to building out the space, we've been focused on doing the work that's at the core of our organization which is supporting companies."

The space is meant to work in addition to an accelerator or incubator as needed, not a replacement. The Embarc Collective team, which includes an analytics and engineering manager and communications manager, jumps in to give personalized help when needed.

"The team has been built up around startup functions or capabilities that startups need," Shenoy said.

The companies are also assigned to an "executive advisor" who works with an assigned company remotely on a weekly basis. Embarc Collective currently has five executive advisors for the 25 companies.

"It's heads down and making companies' priorities our priority," Shenoy said. "And that's been our day-to-day life right now."

Embarc Collective will not open applications for more companies in the near future but has a wait-list.

The 25 companies that are working with Embarc Collective are:

  • Admiral, a revenue platform that helps companies with adblock recovery, paid subscriptions and privacy consent
  • Blockspaces, a blockchain hub that focuses on education and support services to students and companies
  • Cloud Spotter uses machine learning technology to deliver photos to event attendees
  • COI Energy, an on-demand platform that lets businesses maximize energy
  • DataQuest, a teaching platform teaching skills to help data science careers
  • Doc Clocker, which brings transparency to a doctor's waiting room and helps care delivery efficiency
  • Edgility, a platform to help health care organizations improve workflow outcomes
  • Hire Humanly, which uses artificial intelligence technology to make recruiting more meaningful
  • Grifin, which uses a patent-pending technology to let users automatically buy stock where they shop
  • Immertec, a 3D virtual reality platform that allows users to train, consult and observe in their workplace
  • Ideal Agent, a real estate platform which uses a network of top real estate agents to sell homes with a minimal commission
  • Knack, a tutoring platform that connects tutors with employers
  • Just Protect, a regulatory compliance management platform to help minimize risk
  • Peerfit, a digital platform employers can use to encourage their employees to work out with getting connected with one another
  • Metasense Analytics, allows users to unlock the full value in their health care data
  • Pocket, allows users to connect on any app or blockchain with a single line of code
  • Phonism lets users manage all their voice communication (VoIP) calls on one platform
  • Professional Credentials Exchange, an online marketplace where users can access verified professional credentials information and contribute verified information for others to acquire.
  • Proof Network Ventures, a data-driven solutions provider for alcohol brands, wholesalers and retailers
  • RedPerit, which builds socially responsible financial technology solutions in the financial services industry
  • Raven Spatial, a platform which gathers crowdsourced images from smartphones and drones for geospatial intelligence purposes
  • Synapse, an organization focused on connecting Florida's innovation community
  • Stem Rad, which makes personal protection equipment for radiation
  • Synsor Med, a telehealth and remote patient monitoring platform
  • Viewz Marketing, which uses real and virtual reality for their advertising platform.

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