Auto Reconciled Collateral (ARC)

Risk Mitigation Engine

Tailored for financial institutions, ARC revolutionizes risk management with non-custodial, bi-lateral P2P channels, enabling round-the-clock real-time monitoring, precise collateral utilization, and intraday margin settlement.
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A Bitcoin-Native Risk Mitigation Engine

ARC is a powerful mid-back office Risk Mitigation Engine tailored to meet the unique needs of Risk Managers at Collateral Lending and OTC derivatives desks who work with digitally scarce assets.
It stands out by enabling real-time risk management, intraday reconciliation, and precise capital utilization.

Real-Time Risk Mitigation

ARC operates in the background, automatically reconciling collateral 24/7/365 without human intervention, ensuring real-time responses to market fluctuations.

Settlement Efficiency

ARC ensures near instantaneous intraday settlement while seamlessly capturing/recording transaction data every 10 minutes in your existing back end system.

Capital Allocation

Rapid and unpredictable price movements in dynamic assets like Bitcoin demand constant vigilance and swift, proactive measures to mitigate potential losses.

Challenges in Risk Management in Dynamic Markets

Managing Counterparty Risk in a 24/7 Bitcoin Environment.

Market Volatility

Rapid and unpredictable price movements in dynamic assets like Bitcoin demand constant vigilance and swift, proactive measures to mitigate risk.

Inefficient Settlement

Ensuring the accuracy of data feeds and avoiding discrepancies in fast markets is challenging, especially when current settlement processes are batched and often manual.

Capital Utilization

24/7 market dynamics can make it difficult to allocate capital with precision, increasing jump risk and leading to over-collateralization and unfavorable terms.


Modernizing the Back Office for a New World

In the world of traditional financial back offices, these inefficiencies and practices have persisted for years. But, the back office is historically a cost center and often faces budget constraints, leading to reliance on legacy systems ill-equipped to adapt quickly to fundamentally different dynamic markets and emerging innovations. The monumental task of overhauling these entrenched systems often require years of dedicated effort.

Given these challenges, the solution lies in strategic modernization without major disruptions.
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Strategic Modernization

Enhancing Mid-Back Office Post-Trade Efficiency Without Disrupting Legacy Systems.

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Capital with ARC

Our Bitcoin-native Risk Mitigation Engine, combined with seamless integration through Fusion, unlocks unprecedented efficiency and precision in your mid-back-office operations and empowers your financial institution to thrive in today's dynamic markets.

ARC, with its demonstrated 90% risk reduction and Five 9s uptime, is the backbone of your Bitcoin risk management strategy. It operates 24/7/365, ensuring instant responses to market fluctuations, eliminating the need for manual interventions, and providing a safeguard against market movements.

ARC is your key to enhancing mid-back office post-trade efficiency without disrupting legacy systems, enabling your organization to excel in an ever-evolving financial landscape.

  • Decrease Counterparty Risk

    Real time, single source of truth in data and calculations. Limiting time between mark-to-market calculations and the resulting counterparty exposure.

  • Decrease Operational Costs

    Automate workflows, remove intermediaries, eliminate reconciliation.

  • Decrease Balance Sheet Volatility

    Decreased contract liquidations due to automated mark-to-market calculations and collateral posting. Immutable audit trail.

  • Seamless ERP integration

    ARC contracts revolutionize your existing business systems, with no need to migrate to a new software. End to end integration out of the box.

  • Utility of idle capital in treasury.

    Hedge volatility of bitcoin price for business operations.

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