Empowering corporations to collateralize digital assets more efficiently.

Auto-Reconciled Collateral (ARC) contracts are non-custodial, smart contract enforced, P2P forward contracts. Powered by bitcoin, they enable real-time trade valuation, margin call calculation, and asset movement instructions without counterparties.

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Problems with Bitcoin for Corporations

Accepting bitcoin as payment is only part of the problem. Corporations are hesitant to hold bitcoin in treasury because there is no clear and easy way to utilize this new asset class for company benefit, particularly for working capital (collateral).


• Limited to appreciation of asset or tax losses.
• Value of holdings in treasuries can negatively affect balance sheet.


• Requires specialized technical expertise and infrastructure. •Requires secure storage solutions and sophisticated trading platforms.


• No ERP integration of bitcoin transactions and/or collateral settlement.
• Lack of financial instruments to hedge bitcoin price.

Compounded Problems: Foward Contracts

Corporations often collateralize assets through forward contracts. But, the legacy financial system is fragmented and inefficient requiring many intermediaries adding friction & cost. This is especially true with the inefficient OTC derivatives market.


• Collateral is posted in case future obligations cannot be met by counterparty.


• Traditional derivates are manual and error prone, can take days to finalize.


• Collateral is currently MTM once a day, prone to disputes, and locking more capital than necessary.

Reduce Counterparty Risk with Auto-Reconciled Collateral (ARC)

The BlockSpaces platform allows both parties to a transaction to dynamically upload ISDA/ CSA legal agreements that govern the nature of the collateral exchange and margin calls. Collateral intraday exchanges can also be tied to a data oracle to track the real time bitcoin price as it changes throughout the day.

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The volatility in the market, its unique characteristics, and continued expected instability, present a unique opportunity to incentivize corporations to hold bitcoin in treasury and also reimagine and modernize legacy processes by using Bitcoin/Lightning as the automated infrastructure of the future.

Businesses or financial institutions can realize a range of benefits from Auto-Reconciled Collateral (ARC) on the BlockSpaces platform.

  • Decrease Counterparty Risk

    Real time, single source of truth in data and calculations. Limiting time between mark-to-market calculations and the resulting counterparty exposure.

  • Decrease Operational Costs

    Automate workflows, remove intermediaries, eliminate reconciliation.

  • Decrease Balance Sheet Volatility

    Decreased contract liquidations due to automated mark-to-market calculations and collateral posting. Immutable audit trail.

  • Seamless ERP integration

    ARC contracts revolutionize your existing business systems, with no need to migrate to a new software. End to end integration out of the box.

  • Utility of idle capital in treasury.

    Hedge volatility of bitcoin price for business operations.

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