Blockspaces, Pocket Network Announce Partnership

Tampa, FL— October 6 , 2020 — Today, BlockSpaces released a new Node-As-A-Service product feature to their core blockchain integration platf

Rosa Shores
October 6, 2020
Blockspaces, Pocket Network Announce Partnership

Tampa, FL— October 6 , 2020 Today, BlockSpaces released a new Node-As-A-Service product feature to their core blockchain integration platform, BlockSpaces Connect™, and announced the product will be immediately supporting Pocket Network. The partnership culminates after years of mutual support between the two blockchain-focused organizations around the emerging technology.

“As a local company I am beyond excited to see Blockspaces jump into the Node Provider service to support Pocket Network,” said Michael O’Rourke, CEO of Pocket Network. ”As professionals in the space with years of experience, Blockspaces is perfectly positioned to provide an increasingly growing number of services for the Pocket protocol with security and integrity.”

“For years, BlockSpaces has remained focused on blockchain technology from an agnostic perspective, and we have seen the value in the entire spectrum of it’s innovation”, said Gabe Higgins, BlockSpaces’ CBO/CoFounder. “We’ve known for a long time that Pocket is on the forefront of distributing cost-effective, highly-reliable access to various blockchain networks and uniting them as a unified Blockchain API layer. We are excited to support their efforts as fully decentralized systems become the standard and play a crucial role in the rapid advancement of this protocol and inevitable movement toward a multi-blockchain world.”

BlockSpaces Connect is BlockSpaces’ B2B Platform-As-A-Service (iPaaS) that enables business focused integration of both public and private blockchains with day-to-day business applications by leveraging an extensible, connector-based framework. “As blockchain technology becomes more pervasive across industries and business processes, it is becoming more apparent that systems will involve communication and integration with multiple blockchain networks and other technologies, as well as seamless integration into legacy applications,” said Higgins. “This partnership enables businesses to gain the benefits of both private and public blockchains, depending on their application use case, by leveraging the decentralized infrastructure of the Pocket Network.”

Some of the most current leading use cases for blockchain in business are in supply chain, provenance of goods, financial transactions, and decentralized identity. Today, the early adopters of blockchain have built applications specific to the use case, whether that is food safety, logistics and tracking, digital trust and identity management, or building a marketplace for trusted suppliers and buyers. These are generally stand-alone applications built with different protocols and technologies and they’re managed by different organizations within different environments.

“Our goal has always been to provide cloud enablement to our customers as they begin to actively participate in blockchain networks”, said BlockSpaces COO, Chuck Dyer. “The success of Pocket Network and their node operators is something we are excited to be a part of.”

About BlockSpaces:

BlockSpaces is dedicated to accelerating enterprise blockchain adoption. Combining advisory, technical functionality, and industry focused support with a core integration platform-as-a-service (iPaaS), BlockSpaces Connect™, the company provides business value to an ecosystem of client innovators.

For more information on BlockSpaces, please visit About Pocket Network:

Pocket Network is a unified Blockchain API protocol that provides applications decentralized access to the full spectrum of blockchain data, starting with Ethereum, while node operators and infrastructure providers earn $POKT, it’s native cryptocurrency, in exchange for servicing application requests in a completely censorship-resistant manner.For more information on Pocket, please visit