Blockspaces, Floridamakes, Bama Presents Covid19 Supply Chain Best Practices

Tampa, FL— April 1, 2020— BlockSpaces, a blockchain and distributed ledger focused product development company , announced today that Co-Fou

Rosa Shores
April 5, 2020
Blockspaces, Floridamakes, Bama Presents Covid19 Supply Chain Best 

Tampa, FL— April 1, 2020— BlockSpaces, a blockchain and distributed ledger focused product development company , announced today that Co-Founder/CEO Rosa Shores and Chief Technology Officer Chris Tyler will be participating in a COVID-19 Best Practice webinar on April 6, 2020, titled “COVID-19 Best Practices: Blockchain, cybersecurity, and managing liquidity”.The webinar event, hosted by FloridaMakes, in partnership with Bay Area Manufacturers Association, will give a blockchain overview as well as discuss some of the supply chain challenges faced during the COVID19 outbreak. The talk will focus on specific blockchain solutions, and how blockchain can be instrumental in impacting global supply chain resilience.

Blockchain is the technology behind trust and transparency. The need for more efficient and effective supply chains are driving rapid adoption of blockchain technologies, from food and pharmaceutical supply chains to shipping and logistics. Blockchain networks are driving billions of dollars annually out of processes with automation through smart contracts and transparency through transaction provenance. They are also reducing risk by eliminating redundant data silos and sharing necessary, trusted data throughout the supply chain network.

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), as part of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), recently included blockchain, the technology behind trust and transparency, in its list of critical services that should continue running despite the coronavirus lockdown. This included naming some blockchain managers in industry supply chain as “critical infrastructure workers”.The COVID-19 pandemic has reminded corporate decision-makers that there is a need to develop new business strategies in their future supply chain designs. The KPIs to be considered for future supply value chain designs will likely contain both traditional metrics such as cost, quality and delivery, and new performance measures including resilience, responsiveness, and reconfigurability.

“COVID-19 is quickly changing the narrative around blockchain technology,” said Shores. “For the first time in the years I have been in this industry, the topic of conversation is less about “buzz word” and more about best practices, risk mitigation, and standards for business continuity.”

Speaker, Rosa Shores, is the co-founder and CEO of BlockSpaces. As a seven year veteran of the blockchain industry, she is well-recognized in the community as a passionate speaker and advocate for blockchain technology, and is the co-organizer of several of the largest and longest running blockchain groups in the Tampa Bay region since 2014. She is a former eCommerce digital analyst with Qurate Retail Group (HSN/QVC) and is the Vice President of the Florida Blockchain Business Association, a group dedicated to helping blockchain focused businesses thrive in the state through industry focused legislative efforts and education.

Speaker, Chris Tyler, is an experienced IT professional with over 25 years experience in the software industry. Over the past 15 years with IBM, he has been a trusted advisor to many software companies on the monetization of data through the use of analytics, datascience, IoT and blockchain. Recently, Chris has taken on the role of Chief Technology Officer for BlockSpaces, a thought leader in blockchain technology.

Register here to hear from these blockchain experts on how this technology is being used in manufacturing and supply chain and the benefits the industry is recognizing, the challenges that have been faced and overcome, as well as the opportunities that lie ahead to ensure business continuity.

About BlockSpaces: BlockSpaces is a blockchain and distributed ledger focused product development company. BlockSpaces offers blockchain consulting and education, custom software development, and technical support for enterprise and community support marketplace blockchain applications.

About FloridaMakes: FloridaMakes is a statewide, industry-led partnership that strengthens and measurably advances Florida’s manufacturing economy. FloridaMakes mission is to improve the productivity and technological performance of Florida’s manufacturing sector.

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