Blockspaces Enters Partnership With Trust Your Supplier

Providing Seamless Integration with Multiple Business Systems TAMPA, FL,  AUGUST 31, 2021— BlockSpaces, a B2B blockchain integration platf

Rosa Shores
August 31, 2021
Blockspaces Enters Partnership With Trust Your Supplier

Providing Seamless Integration with Multiple Business Systems

TAMPA, FL,  AUGUST 31, 2021— BlockSpaces, a B2B blockchain integration platform-as-a-service (iPaaS), today announced their strategic partnership with Trust Your Supplier (TYS).

TYS is an innovative blockchain-based network which allows organizations to accelerate supplier onboarding and credentialing through a trusted exchange of information. TYS is a global provider providing supplier relationship management to corporate buyers across industries such as telecom, pharmaceutical, technology, and education. TYS was recently named 2021 Best Procurement Technology of the Year by the Institute of Supply Chain Management (ISCM).

The BlockSpaces platform enables businesses of all sizes to easily integrate their existing business applications with the TYS network and other blockchains through codeless, plug-and-play blockchain and data integration. This provides a cost effective way for far more businesses to be able to leverage the data security and transparency benefits that blockchains provide. The partnership between BlockSpaces and TYS not only allows for easy integration to accelerate supplier onboarding, it also improves lifecycle management and the seamless and secure exchange of information. Benefits also include the ability to leverage scheduled data pulls and pushes, on-demand integration requests, connections to multiple blockchain networks simultaneously, and the ability to easily map data from its source system.

"Our partnership will support standardization across technologies with an ability to integrate and coordinate multiple blockchains within a value chain." said Gary Storr, Trust Your Supplier General Manager.

Blockchain integration platform-as-a-service (BiPaaS) is growing in the supplier information management industry, as the sector looks to blockchain as a solution to merge disparate sources of information. Creating a digital environment that integrates with the operations carried out by various entities used within the supply chain benefits this sector by bringing interconnection and synchronization.

Delivering the value of trust, transparency and security of various blockchains to all participants within TYS existing systems and processes is the main focus of this strategic partnership.

“In a multi-blockchain world, access to a world-class supplier management protocol is a necessity across industries,” said Rosa Shores, BlockSpaces, CEO and cofounder. “This partnership will allow ease of integration at all levels of the value chain.”

About Trust Your SupplierTrust your Supplier creates a trusted source of supplier information and digital identity that simplifies and accelerates supplier onboarding and lifecycle management.

Trust Your Supplier allows procurement organizations permissioned access to pre-verified supplier information with the trust that is guaranteed with cryptographic security. Data Providers and other 3rd parties enhance the ecosystem of services to provide an integrated experience.

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About BlockSpacesBlockSpaces believes in a future where every business will transact with more trust, transparency and security. Our mission is to enable traditional business applications to leverage the unique features and benefits that various enterprise blockchain networks provide. Through our B2B integration platform, we manage blockchain connections, data flow and configurations, so our customers can plug-and-play into any existing system. BlockSpaces is simplifying the blockchain integration experience for all business applications and use cases.

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