Blockchain Supply Chain Is Fast Proving Its Value

As with many industries, COVID-19 made a lasting impression on the manufacturing sector. Supply chains in the industry are vast and comp

Dana Tate
October 14, 2021
Blockchain Supply Chain Is Fast Proving Its Value

As with many industries, COVID-19 made a lasting impression on the manufacturing sector.

Supply chains in the industry are vast and complex, and almost all manufacturers have grappled with supply chain disruptions. The industry has become increasingly aware that even after the pandemic comes to an end, it will leave fundamental changes, such as focusing on collaborations with smaller, more local suppliers. To be successful in the space, manufacturers are thinking differently and closely examining their supply chains. Asking themselves questions like “Where are our most external partners involved?” and “What are the current methods of communicating and exchanging information with our suppliers?” With this transformation comes a rare opportunity for the sector to plunge forward - and blockchain solutions for the supply chain are fast proving their value.

A Statista report details that the most significant share of supply chain industry spending was directed toward blockchain technology. Around 55.3% of logistics providers and 38.2% of manufacturers have invested in blockchain to save their business.

If you compare today’s COVID-19 era landscape to even 5 years ago, many products have drastically changed and are being sourced from different parts of the world. Consumers consistently want more variety which has led to a multitude of products flooding the market. While we benefit from having this many options as consumers, it has created massive challenges when it comes to bringing this array of products to market.

For brands to support this level of products, they have to work with more suppliers and partners than ever before. And with consumers and companies connected by the internet, supply chain networks have also become more interconnected and global than before.

Imagine a leading manufacturing brand trying to juggle multiple products and suppliers across the globe. It becomes difficult to pinpoint where something goes wrong or even understand where bottlenecks are occurring. That’s where the BlockSpaces platform comes in.

The BlockSpaces platform provides a solution for manufacturers to seamlessly collaborate with their lists of suppliers no matter their location. Within any ecosystem or business process, there are layers of technology that require integration. Our workflow automation platform utilizes a library of pre-built integrations to connect everyday business applications with multiple networks to provide data visibility and efficiencies beyond individual, disparate systems and information silos.

Our team deeply believes in and understands blockchain technology. We deliver a code-free interface without requiring significant technical expertise making connecting to a blockchain-friendly environment seamless. Our platform allows developers to advance products faster; saving weeks of time that would otherwise be spent developing and maintaining connections to third-party APIs, blockchains and ERPs.

The world of manufacturing supply chains is quickly changing, and with the use of blockchain technology, manufacturers have the chance to hone in on evolutionizing rather than revolutionizing their approach.

If you are interested in being a part of the future of blockchain, BlockSpaces is now accepting reservations for our early access Pilot Program.

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