As Business Leaders Look To The Future, Blockchain Plays A Key Role.

Blockchain ranks highly amongst formative emerging technologies today. In fact, blockchain is one of the most in-demand hard skills for 2020

Ian Quinn
February 4, 2020
As Business Leaders Look To The Future, Blockchain Plays A Key Role.

Blockchain ranks highly amongst formative emerging technologies today. In fact, blockchain is one of the most in-demand hard skills for 2020, according to LinkedIn. Innovators, engineers, investors, and executives are dedicating plenty of time and resources to the pursuit of blockchain solutions, across a wide variety of industries. Iterations in healthcare, finance, real estate, governance, and supply chain logistics are in full swing, with no signs of letting up anytime soon.

With blockchain playing a major role in technological advancement and business growth for the foreseeable future, it is critical for businesses not to get left behind. But considering the current lack of mainstream solutions and the sometimes puzzling nature of this brilliant technology, questions remain:

So where should business leaders turn for reliable information and consultation on the topic of blockchain?

From small scale solutions to enterprise-level operations, it is of the utmost importance for organizations to take methodical steps when planning out a course of action that facilitates long term success. For those who desire to utilize blockchain technology with strategic confidence in their respective industries, now is the perfect time to begin formulating a sound game plan based on reliable consultation from industry veterans.

It all starts with individual understanding. BlockSpaces recognizes this and is devoted to providing heads-up blockchain education through consultation, as you prepare to embark on the exciting process of leveraging blockchain into your current business model.

At BlockSpaces, top-class advisors with years of experience in the field are willing and able to provide formalized feedback with actionable outcomes, geared towards successful development. Here’s a look at the BlockSpaces consultation process.

Assessing the current state of your industry with an all-inclusive Blockchain Business Model.

BlockSpaces provides clients with an Executive Summary that outlines the market conditions in their industry, provides a solution that includes an overview of the entire ecosystem, a Blockchain Decision Matrix™, and a development roadmap.

Let’s take a look at the specifications and details defined in this valuable project planning offering.

Defining Solutions: Architecture, Development Team, and Ecosystem.

Blockchain use-cases thrive by providing consumers with novel solutions to problems that exist today. BlockSpaces will present the overall objective for your project and follow through with the specifics on how to make it happen.

The high-level architecture will define needs, including the hardware, application layer, and user interface where the point of contact to consumers occurs. This step is intended to give you the template for hiring the right team to drive the creative, software build-out process.

The Ecosystem aspect illustrates how your network will interact with its users. By visualizing the exchange dynamics of your ecosystem, you are setting the expectations for all of its participants. The ecosystem must be secure and provide benefits in order to drive future sustained growth. A disorganized ecosystem leads to unpredictable, and volatile results. A flexible ecosystem with a fundamental basis that adds value to those involved, can grow and thrive. BlockSpaces will draft the blueprint to your ecosystem to intrigue prospective stakeholders and new users.

Blockchain Decision Matrix.

The Blockchain Decision Matrix acts as a measurable burden-of-proof for your use-case. By gathering important information and data about your project and running it through our proprietary algorithm, the validity of your blockchain use-case can be determined.

A Blockchain Use Case Score (BUC) is provided, scaling from 1-100. Scores under 60 may indicate that your use-case isn’t viable in these market conditions, while any score above 60 shows promise as a blockchain use-case.

The in-depth analysis shows each specific question, with an explanation, and score. This gives you tangible evidence for guiding your final decisions when pursuing investment and staffing requirements in the following steps.

Setting expectations with a development roadmap.

After taking an executive summary into consideration, processing a high-level architectural overview, and reviewing the decision-matrix to gauge your project’s viability, it’s time to map out precisely how-to put it all into action.

Blockchain build-outs are very dynamic. The vast, untapped market space gives entrepreneurial thinkers an open-ended slate for creating a competitive edge. One of the downsides of these conditions is that we have yet to see many proven, turnkey solutions for bootstrapping blockchain builds in a rapid time frame. Thus, the project planning process must be very involved, in order to conserve resources and manage risks from day one.

BlockSpaces will layout a 3 phase roadmap that is conscientious of these factors. The roadmap is intended to inform your project management with important milestones, such as the expected time duration and budget allocation for each phase. This will give a strong sense of clarity to staff and stakeholders.

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