De-risk Bitcoin Collateral Management.

Accelerate Intraday Collateral Settlement.

Mitigate Counterparty Risk.

Streamline Collateral Reconciliation.

Reduce Bitcoin overcollateralization.

Record Real-Time Data to any ERP.

Enable Seamless Invoice Processing.

Multiweb integration platform

An Automated Bitcoin Collateral Optimization Platform
for post-trade settlement.

Who We Serve

Bitcoin Miners

Instantaneous adjustments empower miners to efficiently manage their collateral, safeguard earnings, and hedge against price risks.

OTC Desks

Real-time monitoring and automated collateral management enhance liquidity, ensuring a transparent and secure trading environment.

Bitcoin-Collateral Lenders

Reduces CTP ratios, enhancing lending capacity, ensuring security, and boosting revenue potential.

Corp. Treasury and Risk Managers

Ensure the agreed CCR is maintained, minimize counterparty risk, and streamline collateral adjustments during market price fluctuations.

Exchanges, Licensed Custodians

Enable streamline collateral settlement, enhancing efficiency and minimizing counterparty risk.

TradFi Collateral Management

Bitcoin-native solution for traditional intermediaries, ensuring proper collateral allocation and monitoring.


What is ARC?
Auto-Reconciled Collateral (A.R.C.)

ARC is the key component of our comprehensive post-trade collateral management system.

At it's core is a powerful risk mitigation engine that merges the strength of the Bitcoin blockchain and the Lightning Network.

With real-time, intraday settlement and programmatically enforced counterparty terms, ARC paves the way for an unparalleled level of efficiency and security.

ARC is versatile and can be used for a variety of lending and OTC derivative products.

-Digitally native; built on Bitcoin/Lightning.
-Instant intraday settlements.
-Non-custodial, counter-party risk reduction.
-Programmatically enforced collateral utilization.
-Rehypothecation protection.
-Reduction of over-collateralization.
-Popular ERP integrations for common workflows.
-Robust APIs for ease and flexibility of ARC integration.

Learn More

Seamless ERP Integrations for Data Capture.

We understand the significance of streamlined data capture in bolstering risk management and optimizing your financial workflows.

That's why we've designed our ERP integrations to seamlessly merge our Bitcoin products for an all-in-one collateral management solution. Eliminate the need for manual data entry and reconciliation and significantly reduce the risk of errors and delays. ‍

Lightning Network payment rails with multiweb
Lightning Network payment rails with multiweb

Bitcoin Invoicing & Payments

From accepting Bitcoin as payment to paying vendor invoices, and even holding Bitcoin in treasury to collateralize assets, our platform transforms financial operations into a streamlined and efficient process.

By adding the BlockSpaces' Bitcoin Invoicing and Payments feature, your business gains complete end-to-end control over its financial destiny.

Data capture to any existing ERP in our deep library, seamlessly .