Empowering any developer to integrate digital payments and Web3 applications into existing business systems.

Integrations & Blockchain APIs

Connect business software and dApps with little to no code.

Infrastructure & Endpoints

Access RPC and dedicated blockchain nodes for over 30 blockchain protocols.

Superior Digital Payment Rails

Enable low-cost, instant, and final transactions via the Lightning Network.

Web3 network

Connect Web2 to Web3.

Multiweb is the convergence of web-based technologies in applications.

With BlockSpaces, it's easy to facilitate integrations between traditional business software and decentralized applications.
Any business can get value from Web3 with tools that make the process simple, scalable, and accessible.

Lightning Fast Bitcoin Payments

Payments are the cornerstone of business. But traditional payment rails are not built for a digital world in transition from centralized and tribal, to decentralized and global.
Our Bitcoin Lightning Network integrations eliminate manual reconciliation and experience the lowest transaction fees worldwide.

Now offering our first integration with Quickbooks, with hundreds of integrations to legacy systems coming soon.

The Core Principles of Multiweb and Multiweb Applications (mApps)

Multiweb tools, infrastructure, and applications are bringing order to Web3 chaos, because they are built on these four principles:


Businesses should have the ability to use whatever blockchains are best suited for their use case.


The future isn’t about building silos between Web 2.0 and Web3, it’s about combining them to solve problems.


Multiweb facilitates participation among multiple parties and enables projects to be repurposed and reused.


All data and digital assets belong in the hands of blockchain participants, not a business.


Businesses should have the ability to use whatever blockchains are best suited for their use case.

What is a Multiweb App (mApp)?

A multiweb application (mApp) is an application that connects Web3 protocols with Web 2.0 software. Like a dApp (decentralized application), mApps rely on decentralized computing, blockchain or other distributed ledger system to operate. However, unlike a dApp, a mApp also derives part of its functionality by interacting with Web 2.0 applications.