The Future of Blockchain isMultiweb

Multiweb is technology that facilitates integrations among Web3 protocols, Web 2.0 applications, and any future iterations of Internet-based technologies.

This is our statement about why we believe the future of blockchain in business is multiweb and why our Multiweb platform is coming soon.

The Multiweb Manifesto

"Why Web3 Chaos Keeps Blockchain Out of Enterprise"

The promise of blockchain and Web3 have always been enticing – a new way to use data that’s opening thousands of possibilities across industries.

But along the way, Web3 got chaotic.

Hundreds of competing protocols. Crypto booms and busts.  DeFi vs TradFi. Public and private blockchains. And so many changes in the ecosystem that just keeping up would be a full-time job.

All this chaos means that using blockchain in the enterprise isn’t for the faint of heart.

It means signing up for months of one-off development work.
Deciphering protocols that can’t interact with your core business apps.
Cobbling together disparate technologies that weren't made to work together.
Navigating opinions of evangelists who insist that their approach to blockchain is “best.”

Web3 chaos is why most enterprise blockchain initiatives fail to move past the proof of concept stage.

But no longer.

With multiweb tools and infrastructure, any business can get value from Web3 with tools that make the process simple, scalable, and accessible.

No more custom dev work or expensive consultants.
No more dealing with tools that were designed for crypto bros.
No more limits to where and how blockchain can add value.
No more waiting to get started.

Multiweb strips away the complexity of integrating Web3 with business applications.

Connect your business to the Web3 ecosystem with little to no code.
Extend blockchain applications to industry partners with a few clicks.  
Use the technologies that work best for you and your industry, not those that a vendor or contractor has locked you into.

With multiweb, your business can start getting value from Web3 today.

The Core Principles of Multiweb and Multiweb Applications (mApps)

Multiweb tools, infrastructure, and applications are bringing order to Web3 chaos, because they are built on these four principles:


Businesses should have the ability to use whatever blockchains are best suited for their use case.


The future isn’t about building silos between Web 2.0 and Web3, it’s about combining them to solve problems.


Multiweb facilitates participation among multiple parties and enables projects to be repurposed and reused.


Code and coins All data and digital assets belong in the hands of blockchain participants, not a business.


Businesses should have the ability to use whatever blockchains are best suited for their use case.

What is a Multiweb App (mApp)?

A multiweb application (mApp) is an application that connects Web3 protocols with Web 2.0 software. Like a dApp (decentralized application), mApps rely on decentralized computing, blockchain or other distributed ledger system to operate. However, unlike a dApp, a mApp also derives part of its functionality by interacting with Web 2.0 applications.

The Multiweb Era is Here

As the Internet has evolved, each major development has brought new possibilities but also introduced new problems. In the late 2010s and early 2020s, the number of blockchain and Web3 projects exploded. But such growth and interest has come at a cost, and developing scalable, stable Web3 solutions for business has been fraught with high costs and uncertainty.

  • The Early Internet

    early 1990s to early 2000s

    After a period of skepticism, it became clear that the Internet would provide huge advances to society. “Getting online” quickly became a necessity for both businesses and consumers. New business models and products emerged.

  • Cloud Computing Drives Scale

    late 1990s to late 2010s

    Cloud computing and storage allowed businesses to build Internet-based products virtually without limitations, setting the stage for the next evolution, the Centralization Era.

  • Big Tech Pursues Centralization

    early 2010s to early 2020s

    Businesses learned they could gather, package, and resell user data for enormous profit and competitive advantage. They built products to capture and analyze as much data as possible. But centralization presented new problems, like the lack of control over one’s data.

  • Blockchain Grows Amid Chaos

    late 2010s to early 2020s

    With blockchain, full centralization is now no longer necessary. New business models and products are emerging, much like the Early Internet Era. But along with this explosive growth comes chaos and confusion about what the future of blockchain will look like.

  • The Multiweb Era

    2023 to future

    Businesses realize that the future isn’t about moving everything over to Web3, it’s about blending Web3 with other technologies. Multiweb tools and applications (mApps) are needed for blockchain adoption to scale.

BlockSpaces is Building the Multiweb Future

At BlockSpaces, we’re building tools and infrastructure to allow developers to create their own multiweb applications, and our multiweb platform goes live in 2023. To learn what's possible with multiweb, subscribe to our newsletter below.