Bitcoin Invoicing & Payments

From accepting Bitcoin as payment to paying vendor invoices, and even holding Bitcoin in treasury to collateralize assets, our platform transforms financial operations into a streamlined and efficient process.

With BlockSpaces' Bitcoin Invoicing and Payments, combined with our seamless ERP integrations, your business gains complete control over its financial destiny.

Lightning Network payment rails with multiweb

Flexible Transaction Type Based on Business Needs

On-Chain Transactions

Off-Chain Transactions

Immutable Security: Ideal for high-value transactions that demand an extra layer of trust.

Long-Term Record Keeping
: Insure compliance and audibility.

Strategic Collateralization
: Collateralize assets for risk management and treasury optimization.
Instant Settlement: Ideal for microtransactions and day-to-day operations.

Reduced Fees
: Cost-effective for smaller transactions.

: Alleviate network congestion: Ideal for high-frequency, real-time transactions.

Seamless ERP Integrations for Data Capture.

We understand the significance of streamlined data capture in bolstering risk management and optimizing your financial workflows.

That's why we've designed our ERP integrations to seamlessly merge our Bitcoin products for an all-in-one collateral management solution. Eliminate the need for manual data entry and reconciliation and significantly reduce the risk of errors and delays. ‍

Lightning Network payment rails with multiweb

Empowering corporate treasury and risk managers to collateralize Bitcoin more efficiently.

Auto-Reconciled Collateral (ARC) is a Bitcoin collateral optimization platform that features an auto-reconciling, programmatically enforced collateral utilization solution to manage counterparty risk.

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Frequently Asked Questions

My current Bitcoin wallet doesn’t charge fees. Wouldn’t that be cheaper?

Many Bitcoin wallet providers provide a less-than-favorable exchange rate between Bitcoin and USD. You may not pay fees directly, but you may receive less Bitcoin than the current exchange rate would dictate. This hidden fee can be substantial and is difficult to predict. With BlockSpaces, all our fees our transparent – and usually less expensive.

How are transactions settled instantly?

BlockSpaces is powered by the Lightning Network, a protocol that works on top of the main Bitcoin blockchain. Making a transaction directly in bitcoin is like a wire transfer – it works, but it’s expensive and will take a while to settle. Transacting on Lighting Network is like paying in cash – settlement is instant and it costs next to nothing.

What happens if the price of Bitcoin changes before my customer pays an invoice?

Invoices issued through BlockSpaces contain a dynamic QR code that automatically updates to reflect the current price of Bitcoin. You’ll always receive the full USD equivalent for your invoice.

How do my customers pay bitcoin invoices I issue?

Your customers can pay invoices in pretty much the same way they do today: by scanning a QR code with their bitcoin wallet app. They just need a wallet that supports the Lightning Network, like CashApp, Muun, BlueWallet, Breez, or dozens of others.

What happens if a transaction fails? Can my bitcoin get lost?

Your bitcoin cannot get lost. Like any electronic transaction, a payment can fail due to an internet outage or any number of other reasons. But if a transaction does fail, the bitcoin simply stays put in the wallet of the sender, and no bitcoin is lost.

I’ve heard that using the Lightning Network can be difficult because of liquidity. How does BlockSpaces handle this?

BlockSpaces has built a proprietary liquidity management system that automatically provides the right amount of inbound and outbound liquidity for your business. Other Lightning-enabled solutions require manual liquidity management, but not with BlockSpaces.

Does BlockSpaces take custody of my bitcoin?

No. BlockSpaces is a non-custodial solution, which means that you and only you are in control of your coins.

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